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Non Human Romance Calendar

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I provide boutique editing services, specializing within
the monster/paranormal romance genre.
I give focused attention to each author to ensure
our editing plan suits their individual needs.
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Editing Types

Below are descriptions of the types of editing services I offer. Please note that more in-depth editing is more time-consuming, and deadlines may need to shift to accommodate your desired editing level.For each editing type, I use Track Changes to ensure you can review suggestions ahead of finalizing your manuscript.Proofreading — I will check for accuracy in: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, tense consistency, pronouns, spacing, and overall formatting consistency.Copy Editing — in addition to proofreading, I will ensure your writing is clear, correct, concise, complete, and consistent. I may adjust sentence and paragraph structure, eliminate redundant words, replace repetitive words with synonyms, and substitute weak words, phrases, and sentences with powerful alternatives.Substantive Editing (Line Editing) — I may rewrite larger portions of your work as part of this developmental editing. This type of editing is for authors who need assistance in their writing overall. This is the most time-consuming, and may require multiple rounds of revisions before a manuscript may be considered final.